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ÜRO Parts Flyer

ÜRO has created a PDF flyer highlighting the brand's specialties, which is ideal for introducing ÜRO to professional tecnicians and DIY enthusiasts.


See the video ÜRO Parts Quality Assurance for a brief overview of the company, or view all ÜRO Parts videos.

Product Data Sheets

ÜRO Parts is proud to present Data Sheets for many of our unique, problem-solving products!

Product Data Sheets explain how ÜRO has improved upon Genuine components, and are provided in PDF format. Additional Data Sheets will be released as new products are developed. Please ensure that your editorial, marketing, and sales personnel are aware of this educational and helpful material.

Click below to view individual Product Data Sheets, or instantly download a ZIP file of all documents here: English, Spanish, German


Alum. Coolant Transfer Pipe Upgrade
2001-2009 Audi / VW V6

Intake Manifold Actuator Repair
2000-2007 Audi / VW 4.2L V8

Trunk Latch Actuator Bracket Upgrade
1999-2005 VW Bora and Jetta MK4

Aluminum Engine / Trans Pan Upgrade
Audi / BMW / VW

Coolant Transfer Pipe Repair (Video)
2002-2014 BMW N62 V8 and N63 V12

Intake Valley Pan Upgrade
1993-2005 BMW M62 V8 Engine

Aluminum Coolant Pipe Upgrade
1998-2006 BMW M52 Engine

Aluminum Engine / Trans Pan Upgrade
Audi / BMW / VW

Aluminum Pulley Upgrade
1991-2010 BMW

Control Arm / Metal Joint Upgrade
1999-2008 BMW 3-Series and Z4

Oil Cooler / Alt. Bracket Gasket Upgrade
2004-2010 BMW 5/6/7-Series

Coolant Hoses w/ Aluminum Connectors
BMW M54, N20, N52, N54, N55

Mercedes Porsche Jaguar / Land Rover / Mini

Brake Booster Vacuum Seal (Video)
1999-2015 Mercedes / Volvo

Shifter Lever Assy. Repair/Upgrade
2000-2011 Jaguar / Mercedes

Intake Manifold Actuator Repair (Video)
2005-2013 Mercedes M272 V6 / M273 V8

Aluminum Sun Visor Mount Upgrade
1965-1998 Porsche 911, 914, 944

Convertible Top Motor Gear Repair
1987-1994 Porsche 911

Convertible Pushrod Socket Upgrade
1997-2012 Porsche Boxster

Shifter Lever Assy. Repair/Upgrade
2000-2011 Jaguar / Mercedes

Fan Resistor Repair/Upgrade
2003-2008 Mini Cooper

Saab / Volvo Multiple Makes

HVAC Blend Door Lever Repair
1999-2008 Saab 9-5

Aluminum Thermostat Housing Nipple
2002-2005 Volvo V6

Brake Booster Vacuum Seal (Video)
1999-2015 Mercedes / Volvo

Aluminum Thermostat Housing Upgrade
1998-2011 BMW / Jaguar / Mini / Saab

Tensioner & Idler Pulleys
with NTN / NSK Bearings

Logos and Pantone Colors

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RGB: 0, 51, 204

Yellow #ffff00
RGB: 255, 255, 0

PANTONE Reflex Blue C
(CMYK 100 89 0 0)

Blue stripe #1: a6b8df
(CMYK 33 21 0 0)

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(CMYK 60 430 0)

Blue stripe #3: 446fb6
(CMYK 78 56 0 0)

(CMYK 0 1 100 0)

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