Body: ÜRO Parts offering of body parts includes washer pumps, window regulators, molded plastic body trim, and more. One of the most exciting new products ÜRO has ever introduced was a fix for the all too common failed cable style window regulator. Anyone that owns a VW knows of this problem part far too well. With ÜRO's new patent pending window regulator design they have far surpassed even ÜRO's engineering expectations by outlasting the OEM by more than 6 times and exceeding 400k up/down cycles. Not only do you get a better quality part for far less money than the OEM or another failure prone aftermarket, but it also comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Brakes: ÜRO Parts has established a reputation as a supplier of OE quality Volkswagen brake sensors. They are available for most models and perform exactly as the OEM for a fraction of the price.

Climate Control: ÜRO Parts added Volkswagen to it's offering of high quality products in mid 2009. Soon after ÜRO added many air conditioning products for VW including heater blower motors, blower resistors, a/c servos, temperature switches, receiver driers, and expansion valves. All these products are designed to work with factory systems and are R12 and R134a compatible. Most of these items are manufactured in the same facilities as some well known and much costlier European brands, which translates into increased profit for our customers. ÜRO engineers test the longevity of the products through cycle testing as well as making sure fan cages are balanced to ensure smooth operation.

Cooling System: Since its inception, ÜRO Parts has established a reputation as a supplier of OE quality hoses. All of our rubber coolant hoses are double reinforced for extra strength and durability. Each hose is manufactured from ECD (Electro Chemical Degradation) resistant materials, which prevents electrolysis from breaking down the rubber from the inside out. In addition to cooling hoses, ÜRO offers VW water pumps, fan clutches, fan control units, hose flanges, expansion tanks, caps, thermostat covers, and more. All our cooling components have been rigorously tested in our in-house laboratories and come with an industry leading 24 month unlimited mileage warranty.

Electrical: ÜRO Parts is becoming increasingly known for our quality and selection of electrical components. We offer a broad range of relays, switches, sensors, and antenna masts for many different Volkswagen models. Many of our relays and switches cost less than half of other European brands, meeting the growing demand for an alternative to the costly factory pieces. Rigorous testing and extensive quality checks ensure excellent performance and durability across our entire line of electrical components.

Engine: ÜRO Parts engine components withstand the impact today’s worsening traffic conditions place on an engine. Our hydraulic and solid rubber VW engine mounts are precisely engineered with specific rubber hardness and air gaps (voids) to endure constant braking and accelerating. Our continuous R&D enables us to be the first to supply many of these great selling items.

ÜRO Parts also offers an extensive array of aluminum and steel engine oil pans, oil caps, dipsticks, belt tensioners, pulleys, and more for most popular Volkswagen models. Each component that makes up these items is evaluated and tested by our engineers. Whenever possible ÜRO will use well known brands for critical components, for example NTN and NSK bearings are used in many of the belt tensioners, pulleys, and rollers. With the popularity of this car make souring it is important to provide options to keep vehicles driving that would otherwise be scrapped due to the exorbitant cost of OEM parts.

Fuel: ÜRO Parts offers a vast range of fuel, intake, and breather components for VW including fuel pumps, breather hoses, crankcase and PCV valves, and more. ÜRO engineers extensively test the flow rate, float resistance, material composition, etc. to verify all these products will match the performance of the OEM. ÜRO Parts has also introduced an extensive range of high quality breather hoses manufactured from AEM. It is extremely important to note the material of these items as they see a tremendous amount of heat and if the material is not AEM it would likely cause premature failure.

Suspension: ÜRO Parts’ carries a wide selection of Volkswagen suspension components for many applications. The large-scale reception of ÜRO Parts’ control arms, tie rods, sway bar links, bushings and mounts makes manufacturing efficiencies possible. Every suspension component is CAD/CAM designed and engineered to restore the handling of your vehicle to it's original state. New items are constantly being evaluated to ensure our range of suspension parts stays up-to-date with current models. ÜRO has also began offering complete suspension kits for certain applications. These kits allow our distributors to realize greater profits while making the lives of the end users easier by purchasing one sku versus many.

Transmission: ÜRO offers many failure prone VW transmission parts including gear selector levers, shifter bushings, transmission mounts, and more. These unique items are critical to a well rounded and demanded VW parts program.