About A.P.A. Industries

A.P.A. Industries, LLC, exclusive manufacturer of the ÜRO Parts and Autotecnica brands, offers more than 8,000 high-quality spare parts for European, American, and Asian vehicles. Many of the world's largest spare part distributors rely on A.P.A. because of its compelling combination of quality and competitive price.

A.P.A.'s distinguishing characteristics do not stop at the product level. Ongoing investment in technology helps data move seamlessly between A.P.A. and its distributors, which minimizes order processing time and gets ÜRO and Autotecnica products into the hands of end users as quickly as possible. A.P.A. distributors are extremely competitive in the marketplace thanks to special manufacturer incentives, and are supported by a professional sales and tech support team with more than 100 years of combined expertise. Product research and development has always been a priority at A.P.A., as each unaddressed OE deficiency represents an untapped market for both A.P.A. and its distributors. Given A.P.A.'s innovative parts and tremendous opportunity worldwide, it's no surprise that A.P.A. Industries is a key supplier to a global network of auto part distributors in North America, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Caribbean.

Growth and success are the results of a strong team effort - partner with industry leader A.P.A. Industries, LLC.

Car Manufacturers Taking Notice
Even though A.P.A.'s main focus has always been the "aftermarket", A.P.A. is routinely approached by automakers to produce Original Equipment products. A.P.A.'s OEM division has enjoyed strong organic growth since 1999, and more and more car manufacturers are taking notice of the quality products developed and distributed under the ÜRO Parts and Autotecnica brand names. Unlike many of the larger OE manufacturers, A.P.A. has the ability to produce smaller production runs suitable for automakers that don't sell enough vehicles to justify the cost of sourcing components from larger OEM's. Large OEM's often refuse to dedicate a production line for the quantity needed, or will only do so at an untenable price. A.P.A. has helped several car manufacturers reintroduce parts that were discontinued by the previous OEM supplier, ultimately helping loyal owners keep their vehicles on the road. A.P.A.'s OEM division currently supplies products to Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Saab and Mitsubishi, and is currently holding discussions with Porsche.
Our Vision
A.P.A. Industries was founded on the premise of providing better options to the global replacement part industry. Far too often, if there has been a choice at all, it has been a choice between the lesser of two evils - 100 year old brands overcharging for meaningless names the customer will never see, or bargain brands infamous for inadequate engineering, material and quality control.

A.P.A.'s mission for the ÜRO Parts and Autotecnica brands is to address customer needs by offering products adhering to the highest standards in precision, materials and workmanship, while enabling A.P.A. distributors to enjoy substantial profit and maximize value for end users. To attain this goal, each new product idea is evaluated by a team of industry professionals to determine how to offer the best blend of durability, function and price.

Our History
Founded in 1984 by car enthusiast Barry Seeman, A.P.A. Industries, Inc. initially produced a small line of Mercedes-Benz accessories that were advertised in Hemmings Motor News and other well-known publications. Realizing retail sales of the niche products couldn't keep up with minimum production runs, a key company decision was made to take over manufacturing and sell products on a wholesale basis. At that time, the long process of evaluating factories to produce a line of high-quality replacement parts began.

In early 1991, A.P.A. Industries, Inc. contracted with factories in several countries to produce its initial line of luxury European spare parts and accessories. Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of the A.P.A. staff in the British spare parts market, the company devoted much of its time and energy to developing a comprehensive range of products for Jaguar, MG and Triumph, which eventually evolved into its aftermarket replacement parts division. A.P.A. became known among industry insiders for reasonably-priced, late-model and hard-to-find classic parts, though most of the products remained private-label for distributors. Many of the largest import parts distributors in the U.S. and abroad took notice, and during the next 19 years A.P.A. grew into a leading supplier of parts and accessories for Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, MG, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Saab, Triumph, Volvo and Volkswagen. A.P.A. created the ÜRO Parts brand name in 2004, specifically for items the company was already manufacturing and marketing. Extensive R&D and thousands of new products have made the ÜRO Parts line of aftermarket replacement parts the leading division of A.P.A. Industries, LLC