A.P.A. Quality Assurance

A.P.A. Industries, Inc. is proud of the exemplary reputation and quality of our ÜRO Parts and Autotecnica product lines. In order to uphold this reputation and quality standard, significant measures are taken to prevent premature failures and/or defective parts.

Every A.P.A. component undergoes one or more of the following measures in order to make certain that each part meets or exceeds OE standards for fitment, function, durability, and design:

  1. Installation and use of the part in real world conditions for a specified duration of time

  2. Laboratory testing of rubber and metal compounds for tensile strength, shear strength, compression strength, elasticity, and stiffness under extreme conditions

  3. Routine inspection of production lines and comprehensive in-house analysis of finished components to verify compliance with engineering drawings and confirm equivalence with Genuine samples

In-House Development & Testing
A.P.A.'s headquarters in Southern California is equipped with a mechanical and electrical testing laboratory, which is used to validate products prior to and post-production. Having comprehensive in-house testing facilities enables A.P.A. to quickly respond to any customer concerns, as opposed to competitors that often rely on outside testing - if any testing is done at all.
ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturing Facilities
All of A.P.A.'s manufacturing facilities are ISO 9000 certified to ensure manufacturing standards consistent with the highest levels of quality. A.P.A.'s mission for the ÜRO Parts brand is to address customer needs by offering products adhering to the highest standards of design, materials and workmanship, while enabling ÜRO Parts distributors to enjoy substantial profit and maximize value for the end user. To attain this goal, each potential new product is evaluated by a team of highly-experienced industry professionals to determine how to offer the best blend of function, durability, and price.
Industry Leading Warranty

All A.P.A. Industries products are covered by an industry-leading 24 month unlimited mileage warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. All warranty returns are carefully scrutinized to determine the cause of failure so corrections and improvements can be made.

At A.P.A., quality is an ongoing pursuit that never ends.

We have also recently introduced our ÜRO Premium line, which uses upgraded materials and/or designs to outlast their OEM counterparts. This new product line features an unmatched Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The A.P.A. Industries product line offers you the peace of mind that your company is offering the best parts to your customers, and is getting the best value in the industry. This warranty is valid only on parts installed by qualified personnel and in the application for which they are intended. Parts that are altered, abused, or subjected to arduous use may be excluded from warranty coverage.