Body: ÜRO Parts manufactures many molded plastic body components designed to fit and perform just like their genuine counterparts without the exorbitant cost. We offer front air guides/splash pans for most popular models including 850, C70, S70, V70, and XC70, which are exclusively manufactured by ÜRO Parts in the aftermarket. ÜRO Parts is also one of the largest distributors of replacement Volvo lamps in the U.S. From lenses to complete light assemblies, from turn signals to tail lights, ÜRO Parts has all the lamps commonly damaged in everyday collisions.

ÜRO Parts’ also carries lift struts, fuel tank door hinges, washer pumps, headlight wiper blades, and more. Our extensive line of lift struts for Volvos are engineered as heavy duty replacements to the failure prone factory pieces at a considerable savings.

Climate Control: ÜRO Parts offers a broad range of quality air conditioning products for Volvo including accumulators, receiver driers, heater blower motors, heater cores, and expansion valves. All these products are designed to work with factory systems and are R12 and R134a compatible. Most of these items are manufactured in the same facilities as some well known and much costlier European brands, which translates into increased profit for our customers.

Cooling System: ÜRO Parts’ extensive line of Volvo cooling components includes hoses, water pumps, expansion tanks, cooling fan assemblies, and more. Since its inception, ÜRO Parts has established a reputation as a supplier of OE quality Volvo hoses. All of our rubber coolant hoses are double reinforced for extra strength and durability. Each hose is manufactured from ECD (Electro Chemical Degradation) resistant materials, which prevents electrolysis from breaking down the rubber from the inside out. ÜRO engineers have also built proprietary state-of-the-art equipment to test the longevity of items such as expansion tanks that simulate the real world conditions of thermal expansion. All our cooling components have an industry leading 24 month unlimited mileage warranty.

Drivetrain: ÜRO Parts’ selection of Volvo driveshaft supports, flex couplings, and universal joints are made with premium materials and are engineered to meet or exceed OE specifications. Our goal is to eliminate any weak points and provide a solid foundation for your power train and steering components. All ÜRO Parts drivetrain components come complete with all the essential hardware and fittings to make installation fast and efficient.

Electrical: ÜRO Parts is becoming increasingly known for our quality and selection of electrical components. We offer a broad range of relays, switches, sensors, power antenna masts, ignition coils, lamps, and lenses, and more for many Volvo models. Many of our relays and switches cost less than half of other European brands, meeting the growing demand for an alternative to the costly factory pieces. In addition, ÜRO Parts is one of the largest distributors of replacement Volvo lamps in the U.S. and stocks all the lamps and lenses commonly damaged in everyday collisions. Rigorous testing and extensive quality checks ensure excellent performance and durability across our entire line of electrical components.

Engine: ÜRO Parts engine components withstand the impact today’s worsening traffic conditions place on an engine. Our hydraulic and solid rubber Volvo engine mounts are precisely engineered with specific rubber hardness and air gaps (voids) to endure constant braking and accelerating. Our continuous R&D enables us to be the first to supply many of these great selling items.

ÜRO Parts also offers an extensive array of aluminum and steel engine oil pans, oil cooler hoses, belt tensioners, pulleys, and more for most popular BMW models.

Fuel: Car makers, including Volvo, have changed many under-hood components from rubbers and metals to plastic. PCV and crankcase components are just one of the many examples. Unfortunately the plastic gets brittle over time from the heat of the engine and eventually cracks. ÜRO exclusively offers many of these fast selling items that have traditionally only been available from the dealer.

ÜRO Parts also offers a vast range of fuel, intake, and breather components including fuel pumps, intercooler hoses, breather hoses, PCV components, and more. ÜRO engineers extensively test the flow rate, float resistance, material composition, etc. to verify all these products will match the performance of the OEM.

Suspension: ÜRO Parts’ carries a wide selection of Volvo suspension components for many applications. Every control arm, mount, bushing, sway bar link, and tie rod is CAD/CAM designed and engineered to restore the handling and legendary safety to any Volvo model. New items are constantly being evaluated to ensure our range of suspension parts stays up-to-date with current models. As with many other components, many of these items are the exact same items as much more expensive brands offering the same piece of mind for a fraction of the price.