Mercedes Intake Manifold Swirl Flap Repair Kit 272 140 2401 R-PRM

A common failure inherent to the intake manifold of Mercedes-Benz M272 V6 & M273 V8 engines is for breakage of the actuating mechanisms on the intake swirl flap system. The plastic material used in the construction of the intake manifold is the main source of the problem. Over time this less robust plastic material cannot withstand the constant heat cycles and mechanical stresses, therefore embrittling and weakening the material leading to inevitable failure. The ÜRO Premium intake manifold repair kit is the only solution which solves all of these issues during your first and only repair.

At ÜRO we wanted to make a replacement part that could withstand the heat, operate effortlessly, and be as light as possible. We turned to high-strength aluminum. The ÜRO Premium kit provides a more robust swirl flap pivot lever featuring a permanent co-molded self lubricating Delrin center pivot bushing and left and right receiver cups for the swirl actuating levers.

The new ÜRO Premium actuator has been redesigned with a metal pull rod to withstand the engine heat, plus its stroke has been altered to eliminate the mechanical stresses of constantly bottoming out on the manifold stops. In addition, it is fitted with a long life high-temperature silicone diaphragm for added strength. Included in the kit is also a new pivot bolt made out of stainless steel to replace the original one should any damage occur from removal.

The ÜRO Premium intake manifold repair kit is not just a suitable replacement for when the part fails, but rather a redesigned part that fits flawlessly with the Mercedes-Benz image of excellence in engineering.

URO Premium Window Regulator for BMW, Mercedes, VW, Porsche, Audi & Jaguar

With the introduction of the ÜRO Premium product line, ÜRO Parts introduces one of the most innovative products to hit the automotive aftermarket in a long time. ÜRO changed the design of the cable style window regulators used in all popular BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Jaguar, VW, and Audi models by inserting a ball bearing inside the pulley. This drastically reduces the inherent friction associated with the design thus lowering the risk of cable or pulley failure and allows the motor to operate below its capacity, vastly extending its usable life.

This design enhancement has been validated to outlast the OEM design by more than 6 times and lasting over 200,000 cycles without any failures. (That’s the equivalent of 100 years of use)

The best part is all ÜRO Premium window regulators come with a lifetime warranty!

URO Parts BMW E46 / 3 Series Battery Cable Negative Bolt Part# 61 12 8 373 946 T

ÜRO Parts brings quality BMW products to the market that were not available previously. In this instance, BMW forces you to purchase the entire battery cable for over $30 when all you really needed was the bolt that broke. Now you have the option to purchase the same quality bolt as the original at a fraction of the price of purchasing the entire battery cable.

Porsche 911 69-89 Tail Light Lens Review & Comparison

An up close comparison at the differences between the ÜRO Porsche tail light lenses, the aftermarket, and the original. The differences in quality are quite astonishing!

Volvo Control Arm Quality Testing

This short clip shows how ÜRO Parts tests numerous suspension components for a minimum of 300,000 cycles in order to pass our quality inspection.

URO Parts Coolant Transfer Feed Pipe 11141439975-PRM, Repair BMW N62 V8 Seal Leak

A short instructional video illustrating the installation of ÜRO Parts high quality BMW coolant transfer feed pipe. The pipe installs in the intake valley, eliminating the costly repairs associated with replacing the factory pipe. The simplicity and quality of this design is unsurpassed.

URO Parts Porsche 911 Front Control Arm Bushings

ÜRO Parts has developed replacement bushings for Porsche 911 and 914 front control arms, in standard and high-performance "Sport" durometers. These high-quality bushings are made for easy installation using common shop tools. This video explains the reason why a replacement bushing has been so long coming, and illustrates the installation process step-by-step.