Body: The review of any Porsche product will depend on the overall quality of the product. ÜRO Parts’ accelerator pedals for the 1965-1995 911 and headlight and tail light lenses for 69-89 911's surpass even the highest expectations of quality, fit, and appearance. We also carry an extensive line of lift struts for several Porsche models, which are engineered as heavy duty replacements to the failure prone factory pieces, at a considerable savings.

Since its inception, ÜRO Parts has established a reputation as a supplier of OE quality body rubber. We offer a range of door, window, and targa seals for Porsche 911 models many of which are available from no other sources including the OEM. We have made many items available at reasonable prices that would previously have been ignored due to cost constraints. All of our exterior body rubber is made from UV resistant rubber, eliminating the premature shrinking and cracking so common to inferior brands.

Brakes: We offers high quality brake master cylinders, brake shims, and brake pad sensors for these iconic Porsche vehicles to fill a demand once dominated by legacy brands overcharging customers. The fit, form, and function are superb because each item is tested and ÜRO Parts review each by one of our in-house engineering staff.

Climate Control: ÜRO Parts offers a wide assortment of air conditioning products, including receiver driers, heater blower motors, and expansion valves for many Porsche models. All these products are designed to work with factory systems and are R12 and R134a compatible. Most of these items are manufactured in the same facilities as some well known and much costlier European brands, which translates into increased profit for our customers.

Cooling System: ÜRO Parts is leading the industry in new Porsche cooling components including an extensive cooling hose program and water pumps. We offer a full line of cooling hoses and was the first company to offer cooling hoses and new water pumps for the 996 and Boxster models. All of our rubber coolant hoses are double reinforced for extra strength and durability. Each hose is manufactured from ECD (Electro Chemical Degradation) resistant materials, which prevents electrolysis from breaking down the rubber from the inside out. All of our cooling components have an industry leading 24 month unlimited mileage warranty. ÜRO Parts' water pumps are produced in the same facility as some very recognizable water pump brands and to the same OEM standards, but at a reduced price.

Electrical: ÜRO Parts is becoming increasingly known for our quality and selection of electrical components. We offer a variety of relays, switches, sensors, senders, lamps, and lenses for many Porsche models. Rigorous testing and extensive quality ensure excellent performance and durability. We source several electrical components directly from the OE manufacturer. Many of our relays and switches cost less than half of other European brands, meeting the growing demand for an alternative to the costly factory pieces.

Engine: Our engine components withstand the impact today’s worsening traffic conditions place on an engine. Our Porsche engine mounts are precisely engineered with specific rubber hardness and air gaps (voids) to endure constant braking and accelerating. Our continuous R&D enables us to be the first to supply many of these great selling items.

Fuel: We offers a vast range of fuel components for Porsche including fuel pumps, crankcase breather components, and more. Our engineers extensively test the flow rate, float resistance, material composition, etc. to verify all these products will match the performance of the OEM without exception.

Suspension: Our selection of suspension parts is engineered to restore Porsche’s renowned handling and performance. The range includes control arms, tie rods, suspension bushings, mounts, and stabilizer links. Many of these items are manufactured exclusively by ÜRO Parts to fix well known weaknesses or to meet the demand for an alternative to the costly factory pieces. The ÜRO Parts reviews on these items by our customers have been exceptional.